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Meet the founder

Whitney Pynn fancies herself an artist and natural born minimalist philosopher. She has always loved to “nest”. A native to New York she has fallen hard and fast for the beautiful state of California, and especially loves living in the Long Beach community. She embraces an attitude of gratitude and is a believer that good vibes out welcome good vibes in. She enjoys organizing her things and making her home a sweet one, and can't wait to do the same for you. She received a degree in psychology from the University of Maryland and loves using it to help people let go of the things they don't need anymore. She wants to harbor a safe, non-judgmental zone in each space. She is an empath to the max and understands the sentimental difficulty that comes with minimizing. Re-purposing may be her very favorite part of the entire process. Giving back to her community is the fire that drives her.